Fighting the fat…

What is perfection? Having a thigh gap? Having a great job, having thousands of Instagram followers?We live in a society today where image is everything, but is it. Are we growing up in culture that promotes self-worth through your waist size, the number on the scales and how much protein you consumed that day.

What I want to be is confident in my own skin and find that personal self-respect.

A year ago I was put on a medication to control my migraines and without being told of the weight gain side effects 2 stone crept up on me!

Yep two hefty stone, My confident plummeted , but my dress size amplified. There’s also only so many times you can delay your boyfriend booking a holiday because you don’t want to be seen in a bikini.

Everyday I’m bombarded with social media images of beautiful girls with abs and the perfect skin complexion, I could choose not to look but I’m absorbed by their beauty and how I want to be like them. 

But why do I want it so badly? Is it for myself or is it so others find me more aesthetically pleasing?

I think it’s a bit of both, I work in the fashion industry and it is fickle, I also get to see behind the camera how much retouching and editing takes place, and it’s a lot. But why does it matter if a model is seen with cellulite or crow’s feet. Does it really damage a brand that much that it is seen as destroying. 

The media has made us feel like we always need more, we always need to be better, we need upgrades.

But that shouldn’t be the case, the fact of the matter is, if you’re happy in your own skin you’ll always be content. Happy that what you have been blessed with is enough, that your happiness doesn’t revolve around the numbers in your bank account or  the number on the scales. Who you are is beautiful. 


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Who am I… 

Right now I’m pushing and pushing myself to achieve my goal of having my own handbag line, nothing fancy just clean simple designs made in the uk. 

I’ve been mulling over what to call my ‘brand’ I liked equinox but thought that would be more of a collection name rather than a brand, laura arrowsmith would be too gender specific (couldn’t imagine a guy saying ‘I’m wearing laura arrowsmith’) and then I thought what about just arrowsmith. It’s an unusual surname (I get called Aerosmith all the time) and if anything it is who I am! 

I tried googling Arrowsmith, to find out the history of the name it came up as ‘occupational name for a maker of metal arrowhead’ (pretty obvious) and then I starting looking into arrows and this quote came up….

I thought this was a great Moto to live by and with historical health related events it seems like the right thing for me. 

Its powering, motivating and uplifting. 

Perfect 🙂 

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All about M.E…

Hi everyone, today I’m talking about my past, what’s made me who I am what I want to achieve.

When I was 13 I was diagnosed with the deliberating illness M.E also known as chronic fatigue syndrome.

My passion from the age I could walk and talk was always fashion, every day I would sketch outfits out and flick through the latest magazines admiring the collections. My dream was always to work for a fashion house or have my own handbag collection.

When I fell ill I was unable to do school full time, I cut my GCSE’s down to 5 and focused on the qualifications I knew I needed to get into college. I managed to secure an A in art and design and A-B in maths English and science.

Throughout college I was very poorly, in and out of hospital every term. I cut my A levels down to two and passed them both with flying colours.

The doctors advised me that I was too ill to attend university however I Knew If I wanted to succeed in fashion I would need a degree. Throughout university I was in and out of hospital and extremely weak, I had a note taker to help me when I was unable to attend lectures. My joints were so painful I was in a wheel chair for several months.

I managed to secure a 1st class degree in fashion business in the hope this would secure my dream of owning my own handbag collection.

Since university I have styled my own photo shoots, secured a role in marketing and worked with Elle and Red magazine. I would say I have had a good dose of health for around two years.

However, I still stuffer with terrible migraines, I’m on daily medication for this and I get incredibly tired. This is hugely effecting my job as my absent days are totalling up.

Three years ago I was given a medication from a neurologist who advised these would stop my migraines, I reacted very badly and went blind for two weeks, a miracle happened and it came back, this really opened my eyes (no pun intended) to always follow my dreams and make sure I live every day to its fullest.

I want more than anything to start my own business but due to my low salary saving each month hasn’t been an option, therefore I’m in a save save save mode! I know that nothing in life is easy but I know if I keep pushing myself I will eventually get there… this space. 

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A smooth sea never made a skilled sailor…

So it’s now been nearly two months since I packed my bags and moved into a boat. 

So far it’s had its challenges (mainly the lack of hair dryer, no iron and having to make a fire everyday) but it’s all an adventure right?! 

I have news, some news that is so insignificant but extremely satisfying for me….I have a hair dryer!!! ….. a travel one but still, it dries hair. 

Gone are the days where I’m wafting my hair around and flapping it in front of the fire (not recommended). 

Boat life hasn’t been as hard as I thought, I say this loosely before the frost and snow arrives but overall I’ve adjusted better than expected. 

The high maintenance fashion grad has learnt to narrow down her wardrobe (or cleverly find places to hide new purchases from boyfriend) shorten her showers to a 7 minute window and learn to layer up rather than succumb to flipping the central heating switch.

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What would Carrie do?…

What would Carrie do…So it’s week one minus hair dryer, at first I felt revitalised, I felt like I was saving the planet (as well as my boat power) and also slightly smug that this was a clear way to take control of my broken bleach blonde hair and save it from its fragile self.

However six days in walking in to work with kinked, flat, slept on hair I am quickly losing my sass and craving the va va voom morning blow dry.

I must admit though the boat story is a great convo starter ‘so where do you live’ ‘I live anywhere, I am a free spirit, I live on a boat’!

While on a photo shoot with Gok Wan last week he was as shocked and amazed as everyone else, that in this day and age I was surviving without a hair dryer and other electrical necessities. But he did come with some great advice; what would Carrie Bradshaw do? She would get out the shower, towel dry the hair, run her fingers through her hair with serum, scrunch it up and rock the curls.

This was actually great advice, I have wavy hair that I’ve always straighten out, mainly because of its uneven curls where one side would be curly and the other would resemble a lions mane.

So tonight I’m going to do what Carrie would do and rock the waves. If you have any hair product advice please let me know, ill keep you posted.


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Ahoy there…

I am now officially a water gypsy, I am living off the land and at one with nature! I am zen, I am happy, I am…MISSING MY HAIR DRYER!

Yes you read it correctly, I don’t have a hair dryer. Why I hear you cry? Because the boat doesn’t have enough power to run one *holds head in hands*.

Now I never thought I was that materialist but I miss my hair dryer, I miss my iron and I miss a toaster.

The hair situation I think I have mastered, the secret is to whip your hair back and forth frantically in the cold air without getting whip last or braking any valaubles and after around two hours bingo! Dry hair.

The ironing is still an issue, so far I am doing the ‘steam the garment while in the shower’ idea. It’s moderately working.

The toaster I am having to compromise and revert back several decades and use the old stove or log burner.

I’ve noticed that everything takes time, but I’m also appreciating what I took for granted. It’s makes me sit back a little and admire what I have and not like time speed past.

Yes compromises have to be made, yes i get frustrated but when youve been crammed on a london tube and come home to this you stop and think how lucky you are.

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Rosey and Jim…

So, as discussed in a previous blog post my boyfriend was on amazing spaces two years ago doing up a burnt down barge boat and today I moved in. 

Yep, me. I moved in. Me who has 3 wardrobes, me who still has clothes in her wardrobe with the tags on and me who hordes unnecessary irelevant things. 

The fun part is we ripped everything out inside and started again. So now it’s just one big open plan white shell, a shell I can’t wait to decorate! 

As you can see we started building furniture and obviously got the necessities in first….the tv! 

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