Cakes cocks and frocks…..

I found starting this blog the hardest part, whats my opening line, who are am I trying to engage with? to be honest with you I really don’t know.

I just want to write, document my moments and and try and figure out my path.

I am currently a Brand Assistant for Sainbury’s clothing line Tu and I LOVE my job.

I get to visit some incredible places, work with some amazing people and gain valuable experience along the way.

I cant define what this blog will be about, my male friend wanted me to call it ‘cakes, cocks and frocks’ due to my need to bake my love for fashion and my tragic love life/dating experiences. I doubt its the most professional of titles therefore i’ve kept it classy and stuck with the generic name!


About laura Arrowsmith

Chocolate fanatic, pathetically soppy and an all round over thinker. Thanks for stopping by and checking out my little blog! come and say hello by emailing me of following me on the below.... instagram- laura_arrowsmith lots of love xoxo :)
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