Choo Choo choose….

Sunday was a day like no other jam packed with London activities with my favourite crazy work besties.We were up early and on the train to the big smoke, first stop Selfridges where we put our pretend rich heads on and headed to the Mulberry concession.

Walking in like we had dollar I purchased the ever so beautiful mulberry purse in Darcy blue for the bargain price of £295….ouch you say…but I did had birthday money so it was practically a bargain :p

Now with no money to pop in my new purse we ventured to Jimmy Choo where we drooled over the shoes we will never have and headed to the bridal section.

My beautiful friend Jo is getting married next year and to accompany her dress she wanted a Choo shoe…and who could blame her!

While she was strutting her stuff in the shop making sure the cash she was just about to hand over was pain free I like a magpie was drawn to the sparkly Swarovski Cinderella shoes rotating on the centre table.

At a hefty £2200 I think it was safe to say the image I took of them on my feet was the closest I was getting to own a pair! But what a fantastic few minutes that was!

Later that afternoon we headed to the Hilton for the ‘chocoholics afternoon tea’ where I overindulged in more chocolate than my body could take. Three tiers of chocolatey heaven and one sugar coma later I was a very happy bunny. 

 After letting what we had done digest we headed to the V&A for ‘Savage Beauty’ the incredible exhibition by the late Alexander McQueen.

McQueen is the designer who influenced my creative childhood and one of the reasons I wanted to within the fashion industry.

  The way his mind worked was phenomenal and incredibly inspirational and his imagination seems to know no boundaries, everything he created was a masterpiece.

The V&A showcase and celebrate his innovative method, dramatically staged catwalks and display his most iconic pieces displayed alongside his early, lesser known collections. 



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