Lesson learnt 

What I have learnt this week is that fashion is incredibly subjective. 
but who is right? your superiors, leaders or does it all come down to personal opinion and perspective? 

This week I submitted work that had mixed reviews, the majority loved in but there were a few that were slightly dubious. 

Now I’m a sensitive soul and I know sometimes I take things to heart more so than most but going home and beating yourself up about it isn’t going to change someone’s opinion. 

If we all had the same personal view the world would be a terribly predictive and boring place to live. Nothing would surprise or challenge you the land would ever develop. 

I’m taking this week as a learning curve and a chance to creatively blossom, and to also take on board that no matter how hard you try you are never going to truly satisfy everyone. 

Happy Friday 🙂 


About laura Arrowsmith

Chocolate fanatic, pathetically soppy and an all round over thinker. Thanks for stopping by and checking out my little blog! come and say hello by emailing me of following me on the below.... laura.arrowsmith@Hotmail.com instagram- laura_arrowsmith lots of love xoxo :)
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