Little people…

Children are usually the hardest to capture when it comes to fashion photoshoots, but I have learnt that the aim of the game is to simply have fun and play.

Our amazing photographer tells them it’s his birthday (it’s defiantly just a ploy to get them active and giddy) which they love, running around screaming, dancing and giggingly. It can go either way really, you can get an over excited child or a shy timid little person that won’t unfold their arms. With this it is best if you have the patience of a saint or simply an amusing face!

Luckily this time round we didn’t have any tantrums or hissy fits which made the job thoroughly enjoyable.


About laura Arrowsmith

Chocolate fanatic, pathetically soppy and an all round over thinker. Thanks for stopping by and checking out my little blog! come and say hello by emailing me of following me on the below.... instagram- laura_arrowsmith lots of love xoxo :)
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