BRB just going to Bali…

Yes you heard it right, Bali. The land of tranquility, meditation, rice paddies, …and eat pray love. 

Now I’m not made of money that’s for sure so this two week adventure was on a budget and I’ll tell you how I did it! 

Let’s start with the plane journey, China Eastern. When the boy booked the flights I was very excited but didn’t understand why they were so unbelievably cheap (at £340 per person return) I automotically headed straight for trip advisor…the reviews started off with ‘worst experience of my life’ ….great start! Closely followed by never again. 

So with my suitcase in hand along with a handbag full of regret we boarded. Now I’d like to point out that although we were on a budget were not tight! One of the other reasons we went with China Eastern was that the stop over was in Shanghai and it was only 2 hours where other airlines had 8 hours for more sitting and no moving. Cheaper, quicker this is a steal! SOLD! 

Although I want to provide you with a disastrous strong (as I believe that would make a better read) unfortunately this is rather bland. I can’t really complain for what we paid, it was marginally comfy, there was a decent selection of films and the food was tolerable, even though the dish on the way was eel but hey when in Rome. The only thing I would say that was  a bit rubbish was the connect from Shanghai to Bali where there wasn’t any TVs and you basically just sat in your seat for 8 hours contemplating what animal will be in your next meal! 

….follow me for more of my Balinese adventure….


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