Climb every mountain….

Well not every mountain but I did get up at 3am to climb an active volcano, in the dark, in Ubud to watch the sunrise!
The girl who’s been to the gym a total on 8 times in her entire life opted in to climb this fella…..

Ideally I’d advise to get a good carby meal and an early night, I however I stayed up until 12am skipped dinner and only told the travel agent I wanted to do it 10pm that night!

The mini bus arrived to pick us up at 3am, like two sleepy bears we climbed into the back of the van with our little boxed up breakfast the hotel had kindly prepared for us.

The journey itself took just over an hour and within 10 minutes I was wide awake and in fear of dying due to the dangerous windy roads and a Lewis Hamilton wannabe.

Now I have to admit I thought the bus would drop us off half way up the volcano and it would be a nice romantic morning stroll to the top, how naive of me.  

At the very bottom of the volcano our tour guide handed each of us a touch and off we went. By the time we started walking it was 4am, the sun was due to rise at 5.45. Straight away it started off quite steep and the feeling of dread synced in and reminded me how tired I was after the South Africa climb (in previous post).

It wasn’t the safest thing I’ve ever done, you couldn’t see a thing but the torch light you were shining on your feet, however every now and again I would glace up at the volcano and see twinkles of torch lights all the way up the volcano. I was also told by the tour guide that the volcanos nick name is ‘ankle breaker’….reassuring.

The further up we were getting the more the ground was changing to rubble and I was quickly started to understand the nickname, you could easily slip and it wouldn’t be the best place to get down! After wheezing for a good hour and about 10 stop rests we finally made it to the top and I was starting to see my feet!

Everyone started to get their spot to watch the sun rise to which to tour guide informs us this isn’t the top and pointed up into the distance.

Most people decided to stay put but my heart wanted to carry on while my head and feet were hesitant.

The rest of the walk was a steep vertical climb up what I can only describe as a mountain of volcanic ash. It was difficult to climb as you just kept slipping but when we reached the top it was completely worth it, the panoramic view was magnificent and the overall sense of achievement was overwhelming.

While looking into the centre of the volcano I ask the tour guide when was the last time it erupted, thinking he would say over 100 years, he looked at me and said 11 and took me to a small hole in the ground. I held my hand over the hole and could feel the hot steam rising from it. It was amazing but also ever so slightly intimidating!

I would recommend this walk to anyone visiting Ubud, especially if you like a challenge, I’m incredibly unfit and I survived! The thrill you get when its complete is amazing and it’s a memory I will never forget.

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