Ahoy there…

I am now officially a water gypsy, I am living off the land and at one with nature! I am zen, I am happy, I am…MISSING MY HAIR DRYER!

Yes you read it correctly, I don’t have a hair dryer. Why I hear you cry? Because the boat doesn’t have enough power to run one *holds head in hands*.

Now I never thought I was that materialist but I miss my hair dryer, I miss my iron and I miss a toaster.

The hair situation I think I have mastered, the secret is to whip your hair back and forth frantically in the cold air without getting whip last or braking any valaubles and after around two hours bingo! Dry hair.

The ironing is still an issue, so far I am doing the ‘steam the garment while in the shower’ idea. It’s moderately working.

The toaster I am having to compromise and revert back several decades and use the old stove or log burner.

I’ve noticed that everything takes time, but I’m also appreciating what I took for granted. It’s makes me sit back a little and admire what I have and not like time speed past.

Yes compromises have to be made, yes i get frustrated but when youve been crammed on a london tube and come home to this you stop and think how lucky you are.

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