Wedding guest crazy…

Now I don’t know about you but I’ve just hit that age when everyone and anyone is getting married, I’ve got hen do’s and weddings coming out of my ears and as shallow as it is I simply don’t know what to wear! 

I’ve only been to one wedding in my life time therefore I’m not entirely sure on ‘wedding guest dress etiquette’ but what I do know is exactly what’s on the high street, what fits and what doesn’t as I’m pretty sure I’ve tried everything on! As much as I’d love to rock up in a designer gown my budget simply won’t stretch, therefore I’m going to advise you what’s out there on a shoe string.

I’ve had a hen do in Iceland, Marbella, Bristol, and more to come so I’m pretty broke….but worth every penny. On top of this I need to get myself booked into a hotel get a present and find a dress.

I swear I’ve had more trouble finding an dress than the brides themselves. I’m 5’8 size 8-10 with rather large boobs, most of you would say this is an ideal average size but being a tall busty blonde doesn’t always work out when locating the perfect fitted dress.

My first wedding I think is going to be the most traditional, she’s one of my closest friends and they are going all out therefore I feel a sophisticated midi would be the one…….

Asos have a wedding guest section which is a great help, but don’t narrow your search to this area, there are plenty of other dresses on the site suitable for the occasion. The best thing I find about Asos is there is a wide variety of branded and own branded items so if you don’t fit the standard Asos size try yourself in branded dresses. 

If I had a little bit more money to spend (ok a lot) I would opt for the Self-portrait dresses in the pale blue or pink. I tried one on in Selfridges just for funsies and unfortunately it fitted like a glove and I feel in love. I say unfortunately because every dress I now try on I compare to that beautiful piece that is half the price of my monthly rent (ouch).

I’ve ordered this dress from Chi Chi London, mainly because I believe ill look and feel like a Disney princess but its also quite modest with a cheeky bare shoulder on show. Fortunately this wedding is not in a church so I can brave the bear arms.

I’ve also have a good look on Missguided, I swear by this company when it comes to looking for an outfit for a night out but was wary they maybe a little to risky for a wedding, below I have selected my top pics for the full wedding day or the evening if your only attending the later part.

I’m really struggling with Topshop at the moment, I hate to say it but I feel im slightly too old for it now?! (I’m 27) but everything seems a bit too out there or a bit too short! The below dresses are my selection for all shapes and sizes.

 My next wedding is in Ireland, it’s a 3 day wedding and each day is themed, we have boho, flower power and for the ceremony formal. As soon as the themes were announced I felt a little bit of dread! She’s that friend (everyone has one) who’s ridiculously cool and so are her circle of friends, so there’s a little bit of pressure to go all out.
I trawled online for weeks and I now have boho and flower power covered.

For flower power I ordered a dress from an Australian brand 

Ive teamed it up with a large necklace (found in the zara sale for £9.99) and a flower garland.


My boho outfit is this fab maxi from Miss Pap which was a bargain price of £18 I’ve teamed it with an Asos belt and strappy heels.

Now I just need to find something formal and I’m good to go! (any suggestions would be very much appreciated).

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